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Tom Bowles of Hartley Farm

Amanda Hatt of James Hatt & Associates

Sheila Wade of Greenscape Services

Paul Harris of Photon Imaging Systems

James Ridout of Aquabion

Jonathan Kerr of Kerr Office Group

Take a look at these success stories from two of my clients:

Find out how I helped brothers Chris and Charlie Allen double the profit in their distribution business.

Find out how I helped Swindon-based printer, Hayley, build a business with £420,000 turnover and 12% net profit in Year 1.

…and here are some testimonials from other clients

“I first met Nigel at a free seminar on “boosting profitability”. I found the workshop useful as it helped me prioritise my personal and professional goals. I decided to continue working with Nigel on a one to one basis with the aim of achieving my goals. I have now been having regular coaching sessions with Nigel for over a year. Nigel has helped me realise my personal and business potential and empowered me to meet my goals. This has had a positive impact on my personal and professional life. I would happily recommend Nigel’s services to anyone in business. Nigel is inspiring, motivational and very cheerful!”

Charlotte Watkins – Director LP Planning Consultants

“When Nigel Scott first contacted me and asked me if I needed and Action Coach I thought – “Oh here comes another sales person who wants to take my time up, time I don’t have to spare”.

However, I quickly realized that having 1:1 sessions with Nigel focused my thoughts on how my business actually ran and how I functioned as a manager. Week by week Nigel taught me how to clearly identify the market, set strategies to improve sales and keep sight of where I was heading by writing on focus sheets. Issues were dealt with in a logical order and taking time to analyse the business reminded me about what made us different from everyone else.

Through spending time on finance I had a clearer understanding of financial targets and overheads. Consequently, the business was becoming far more organized,

During the time that Nigel worked with me we had an unannounced OFSTED inspection and we achieved a great result. Now, I don’t think that this was all due to Nigel as we had been working for continual improvements for years. But it certainly helped as I felt confident, not only in my practical application as a day-to-day manager on the shop floor, but fully in control of all aspects of office management. I even knew what a KPI was!

If you are wondering if Nigel will make a difference to your business, he will. If you are wondering if it is worth taking your time up to work with him, you should.

I highly recommend him”

Rhona Welham, Cheverell Old School Nursery

“Before meeting Nigel at an Action Coach seminar I was feeling very demoralized. I had just scraped through an extremely difficult year but was determined not to give up without a fight.

Then I met Nigel. I was totally inspired and suddenly realised that I could learn to run my business successfully and make a profit.

Although money was tight I was determined to take part in the Action Club Group Coaching course and signed up….. I sat and listened to Nigel and soaked everything up like  sponge. I read the E-Myth Revisited from beginning to end in a week. This was me!! What I like about Nigel is that he seems to be able to explain things to fit each of our businesses and I suddenly realised that my business is no different from anyone else’s. All I needed to do was things in the right way and everything would fall into place.

Nigel always delivers and never lets us down. He practices what he preaches and has inspired me to do the same.

I have learnt so much it will take some time to implement all the changes. To help with this I am going to attend the 3 monthly planning sessions.

My family, friends and colleagues have all seen a very positive change in me and the business has changed already. My staff are more motivated and happy, my customers are sending more thank you cards than ever before with some fantastic comments. I have more customers booking appointments, even though this is traditionally a very quite time in our business calendar. I have just had my busiest October and taken the most money for that month. We have also just had our very first Saturday with 100% conversion rate. Amazing!!

I now tell everyone about Action Coach and how amazing Nigel is”

Julia Munday, Perfect Day Bridal Rooms

“Since working with Nigel over the past 3 months we have improved our way of thinking and our working structure in the business making it more streamlined. We have now seen the need to have documented procedures in place not just for us, but for our staff too. We have also been made more aware of how important it is to keep track of more in-depth everyday financial activities like cash flow and that’s not all – the list is endless! 

Nigel has made us realise that we need to work on our business and not in it as such. We have now allocated the relevant time needed to action our goals and to create lead generations and move our business forward. The results are starting to speak for themselves –  thank you Nigel”
Chris Connor,  Managing Director, Glo-Networks Limited


Working with Nigel Scott has definitely helped our business throughout the recession . Because of the transparency within our business, we can see every month exactly what our breakeven figures are, as well as our gross and net margins and where our profit is coming from. lt has given us the confidence not to cut our prices where we don’t need to, and therefore we have actually increased our gross margins significantly during the last12 months. It has also allowed us to view our overheads clearly, how they impact each sector of our business and therefore make good decisions based on accurate information. With this information and the confidence that comes as a result, we have avoided the tendency to panic and cut prices, which would have cost us many thousands of pounds in lost revenue.

We have a clear strategy moving forwards and measures in place to ensure we stay on track. Overall, the influence of the Action Coach tools and the guidance provided by Nigel has proven to be a great investment for our business.
George Smith,  Managing Director, Walford Timber

“We started M.POWER 12 years ago and have fought to survive every year.
We’ve been working with Nigel for the last 3 months. In that time his input has transformed our business.
We’ll turnover 250K this year and our action plan and forecasts for next year are to top 400K with an equally impressive effect on our bottom line.
I cannot speak highly enough of him or his work…..” 
Tobias Cardew founder of M.POWER Tools Ltd 

“Our sessions with Nigel Scott from ActionCOACH have been invaluable. He has helped us to clarify our goals, to set targets, to look at ways of increasing our margins, our sales, and to establish systems for testing and measuring different methods of marketing. In all his dealings with us he has always been professional, approachable, business like and friendly. He has encouraged us to set up business systems and generally to organise our business. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who is prepared to put the time and effort into making his coaching worthwhile.”
Maxima Skelton, Director, The Healthy House 

“As can often be the case with a “family” business, which is growing quite rapidly, we found ourselves frustrated with putting in place all the needed processes and measurements to ensure our growth is manageable and sustainable. Nigel has been a brilliant “mediator” keeping us focused and driven in setting achievable goals.

Nigel brought a very analytical thought process in helping us interpret our financial results. These exercises were very helpful in setting up our Key Performance Indicators and allows us to monitor the progress of our company in a concise and meaningful way, wherever we are in the world!
He is a thoughtful, intelligent and objective voice, critical to any entrepreneur committed to sustainable growth.

We consider our investment with Nigel both monetarily and in time to be the best move we could have made for the future of our company”
Debra Drew, Director, Fabric Architecture 

“I called upon your consultancy service in August 2006 with a clear brief: analyse our sales and marketing practices and make recommendations as to how we could introduce a methodology that could increase sales to our existing customers as well as generate profitable new business. Our sales and marketing team rigorously applied your processes and recommendations, starting at the beginning of 2007. As a result both sales and our customer base have significantly increased with no diminution in margins. What is just as significant is the growth in motivation and focus in the sales and marketing department. As the saying goes, ‘nothing succeeds like success’. The company investment in your time and expertise has proved very worthwhile.” 
Andrew Brackenbury, Director, Translation Management

“I have been in business 33 years and it was very thought provoking in some things that I have overlooked. The best introductory seminar to business coaching that I have attended” 
Terry Turner – Priority Newstrade & Mailings, Salisbury 

“I have found the (Group Coaching) course invaluable – my husband remarked that I am now a “Manager” and I feel I and the business can only move on from there. Thanks Nigel” 
Lynne Lucas 

“I worked with Nigel Scott at Baxter during the last six years. Most recently I worked with him on a very large project to improve the return of a key business unit within Baxter. Nigel played a major role in developing and implementing the turnaround strategy for this business. Two key aspects of this initiative were project and change management. Nigel was responsible for leading and coaching multiple teams and team members across Europe, including the core project team and the country commercial teams who were ultimately responsible for delivering significant change around their customers, organizations, processes and systems. I would rate Nigel’s capacity to lead change and to coach and motivate individuals and teams as very high based on my very close interactions with him.”
Tony Fitzpatrick, Vice President for Supply Chain in Europe, Middle East and Africa, Baxter Healthcare.

“…….The working experience of these past 2 years has been one of the most exciting I’ve ever had, also because I felt that my boss (Nigel) was coaching me: I received the trust I expected, the listening that was needed, the push that was necessary, and all the feedbacks and the rewards that could motivate me to reach the objective. It has been sometimes tough, as I had to change first before making other people change, but all feedbacks I received were done in a manner that was firm enough to make me believing that it was real, and gentle enough to make me believing that they were done because there was a lot of respect and trust behind.

Concerning Nigel coaching other people (such as the countries he had to take care of in terms of change management, or other executives in Marketing or other divisions), I’ve seen him facing enormously stressing situation with a deep calm, a deep patience, and a strong respect for his interlocutor. I’ve seen executives who might be angry, stressed, and in a weak position, getting out of the meetings with Nigel confident on the objectives they had to reach, even if this meant making deep changes in their team, and in their way of thinking.

Another point I’d like to make is that during all the IV project the communication between Europe and the countries on the actual profit and the objective, as well as the needed changes has been pivotal. Nigel has always communicated clearly and firmly, and so that all feedback he received implied clear actions or clear needs. I do strongly think that communicating clearly is not easy at all, and that it is a strong skill a coach must have.

After two years, I’m not the only one who can say that this project has been a success, and who strongly believe that the objectives were achieved mainly thanks to Nigel as a coach and as a professional business man. “
Erica Monfardini , European Marketing Manager , I.V. Therapy – Baxter Medication Delivery

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